Patient Education & Counseling

It is important that patient education accompanies HPV testing. Patients can be effectively counseled about HPV testing and its results in a short amount of time, if the appropriate information is shared. This section is designed to help you counsel your patients regarding HPV testing and their HPV status, and provides educational materials for you to share with your patients to facilitate your discussions.

Counseling Tools for You
HPV Flyer (PDF)
More protection against cervical cancer - Request the HPV test

Flyer Physicians - HPV Test (PDF)
Cervical cancer prevention - which test should I choose

Application note for the Cervical Sampler (PDF)
Taking samples with the digene Cervical Sampler

HPV Information for Your Patients
HPV patient flyer
What you should know about cervical cancer - Take the test not the risk
Card Test Results for Women Card Test Results for Women
You have an HPV infection, but your Pap test is normal